Thursday, April 19, 2007

social • under grey english skies

“Under grey English skies” / “London is divided”
Holy shit this is the smiths, nice.... early smiths, like the way interpol captured something...and I'm liking it and then, the lead singer from fucking danzig starts singing. I honestly feel bad for them if they think this guy is going to get this band anywhere. Please get a new singer..anyone singing this would be better. Keep everything, the lyrics, it could actually be good, but this voice is just fucking ridiculous.

By now it's just pissing me off they could be so good.

Go listen to this, it's it growing on me?
The debut 7" release from The Social has drawn comparisons to Joy Division and The Smiths. The band have recently toured with Babyshambles and the Rakes and are currently playing dates with the Young Knives. The Social are due to release their debut on Monday April 23rd 2007.

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