Friday, April 20, 2007

James Figurine • Covers (AKA Dntel)

'Other 99' / 'Holland'

This will round out the week highlighting DNTEL, and james figurine...another 7" I found looking at his back catalog researching the new album. This seven inch entitled 'covers' is exactly that, covers of Big Audio Dynamite and The Untitled, which is a smog side project? I'll have to look into that.

It sounds like this is maybe a slightly different direction from Dumb luck, more minimal, more atmospheric? I hear a lot of that going on in layers in postal service or Dntel.
In anticipation of Dumb Luck I'm all about ordering his side projects like this, from Plug research.

I also have been loving Peter Beste's photos of norwegian death metal. Wow.

Limited Edition Vinyl Only!

With nary a glitch or bloop in sight, the blend turns out as playful Sascha funk(e) a la Drei Auf Drei dipped in Postalesque lyrical pop bliss. - Filter Magazine

This is beautiful, baffling later night music. - Blender

A melodic minimal techno record that's sunny rather than stark, emo(tional) rather than eerie. - Urb

In the Summer of 2006, James Figurine (Jimmy Tamborello of The Postal Service, Dntel, Figurine) released Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake to the delight of music fans and critics globally. James Figurine's Covers is the first of a trio of 7" releases coming out in the first part of 2007 on Plug Research (Languis, David Thomas Broughton to follow). Covers is a limited edition vinyl only release and features James Figurine's unique interpretations of Big Audio Dynamite's "Other 99" and The Untitled's (Cynthia Dahl and Bill Callahan's project) "Holland." If you've been waiting for some new James Figurine music, the wait is over. A must have for any fan of James Figurine or any of his various projects.

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  1. CHUAUAconda5:15 PM

    hi. just ran by and thought i'd add to this...

    so far this is only vinyl, however the first song ("other 99") IS available as mp3....if you're a pretty big fan of Jimmy Tamborello like myself, you'll probably already know where to find it, free & legal


    ps- *hint*
    snoop around