Monday, May 21, 2007

Arcade Fire • Intervention

1. Intervention
2. Ocean Of Noise [Calexico Version]

Even though I'm not too super keen on Calexico and their southwestern turn they took a few albums back, but I'm going to have to get this single from my favorite: mod lang. Even that collaboration with Sam Beam I thought would be a lot better. It's pretty amazing they would choose a Calexico cover for the B-side. I wish it was an arcade fire track but I'd be curious to hear their version.

This is the single that I had to play for everyone, It was even a version taped off an english radio station and I listened to over and over, amazed that they were going to follow up an amazing album with another one, if that song was any indication. So much that now I wait for the stupid guys voice at the end of the song to come and ...'that was arcade fire with intervention...', like I was back in 9th grade.
I'm also suprised at how many record stores are carrying this, and multiple copies...places that normally don't have a lot of 7"'s. Of course it makes sense, but still I saw at least 15 copies at other music and they never have more than 3 of any given seven inch, and that's after I imported it thinking it wasn't coming anywhere near here like 3 or 4 of the singles from the first one.

Keep the car running is also close on Intervention's heels

I've already seen it at this random place, hotstuff, but like I said I think it will be everywhere.