Friday, May 18, 2007

Crappy Nightmareville

This sounds like tim burton and final fantasy's stepchild, huge ensemble orchestra, in the vein of Sun Ra. It would take a lot to get to know what's going on here. This along with some noise stuff is really just to challenging this early in the morning, and it's almost noon. I can definitely appreciate it, music being made on this huge scale.
I think this description below gets me, I understand this is undefinable, indescribable music, but just listing sentence after sentence of weird ridiculous metaphors? I get it, it's crazy, I can't even get to the end of it, I just stop reading. Now I can't find out any real info. Same with their myspace page, It's not cute, or out there or blowing my mind. It's just plain annoying. Tell me really what is going on. Rereading it again, it's not so bad, I guess enough with the mythology, let it happen naturally, or not at all.
The name is perfect, I couldn't ignore this listing.

It's at midheaven and right from Flipped Out Records.
"13 gestating years past and Crappy Nightmareville's pod unfolds in full colour via this 7" single which is not just their debut but also birth marks the first of a four part vinyl single series: an engraved introduction by way of alien-forceps excavation of their Old Kentucky Womb. Prior stages spiralled from Public-Prank to Outer-Earth Music-Concräte to Scaling-the-Scaur of Bavarian-Salt-Licks. Side A, "Neutron Dracula", imagines the scene from gypsy classic Latcho Drom when children sing "We are the bloody nail in the foot of Jesus on the cross", only reinterpreted as a Saturday morning cartoon. Side B, "Black Beam Dub", is smoke from a wounded nurse surrealing Sun Ra into a new form of dub music that will have you and your headphones installing a seatbelt into your couch for endless round trips. Crappy Nightmareville is one of Louisville's longest running aural magnetic-bananimals and shares drinking water with a huge cast of b ands including The Web, Evergreen, The Belgian Waffles, Sapat and Kark. Beautiful post-nuclear fall-out full-colour sleeve. Edition of 350." - Black Velvet Fuckere.

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