Thursday, May 10, 2007

bronze / kazuamsumaki split 7”

Bronze 'superior sleeping techniques' (mp3) 'who shot who in the what now' / Kazuamsumaki
'Space planning is the key to a good world design' (mp3) 'What they need to recognize is that he already considered them stupid', and 'Dancing about architecture'.

Happy 500th post...I should have known there were a lot of 7"'s out there...but it's never-ending. I think I have basically talked only about new one's I've seen and rarely go back to reminisce about old 90's 7" from sebadoh or smog, like I thought originally I would. Maybe I'll have to start a new blog.
Anyway, I still haven't gotten that will oldham/silver jews split that made me so crazy I was forced to do something about it.
3 or 4 book shelves later and I'm no closer to getting that one, but I think I caught a few before they were gone, and hopwefully helped someone else to find something awesome along the way.

I read a review of this single and they compared Bronze to Don Cab so of course I'm trying to track down a copy, from belgium. Instrumental music really does it for me these days, rocking out metal or intricate jazzish, doesn't matter.

*bronze / kazuamsumaki split 7” (mashnote) – BELGIUM IMPORT – “mashnote - to be honest I expected some screamo schnick - don't know why ... BUT what I got is an awesome split 7" of two belgium bands that play awesome chicago kinda instrumental stuff. BRONZE remind me on some older THRILL JOCKEY stuff ? I mean this spezial chicago edge. Laid back and full of swing and sexy melodies that get driven by awesome basslines. KAZUAMSUMAKI are similar maybe w/ more POP. This awesome swedish band LOG CABIN came to my mind at first. It’s great - I think both bands are really beautiful and manage it somehow that I don’t get bored ... I was really surprised in a positive way. THANX. Great debut and I could think about an Full Length for both bands would be awesome!” - Robert Adagio830

It's also available from stickfigure....or direct from overseas.

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