Friday, May 11, 2007

Those blood red 7" shoes

blood red shoes
its getting boring by the sea

A. Its Getting Boring By The Sea
B. Box Of Secrets

Pre-order now to recieve a LIMITED EDITION SIGNED COPY and bonus sticker!

I keep going back to check this band out and everytime I really like them, the franticness, the repetitive guitar.
I don't think this track 'It gets boring by the sea' is the best, compared to some of the other tracks on their myspace, but you get a signed copy for 2 pounds? Nice.
2 person bands always get me, I like the collaboration aspect, and the forced minimal sound. Here they sing together like Mates of State, they have that yelling back and forth energy. Maybe with 2 person acts they have to try harder, they are really trying to rock the hell out of it. Get every last note in... I also kind of hear a Young Marble Giants influence here? Anyway, every time I'm not sure if this still hold up, it does. I just can't get any of these in the US....

SID just commented on the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome post about their show at [ SILENT BARN ] aka Raven's Den aka Club Krib 915 Wyckoff Ave, soon, I don't know when... thanks cardboard cutout SID I am totally there.
Goodnight records is in Brooklyn now also....and brooklyn is better for it.

Now I'm going to try to get tickets to see wolf parade at warsaw....good luck.

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