Tuesday, May 8, 2007

SIDS 7" • Goodnight records

I think I ended up looking at this band because of the single at Rob's House. You know I have to find a new liars reference. Whenever I hear some electronic but punk type of crazy sound I compare it to the liars...this is like the liars but with Karen O. There's a lot of distortion, and lyrics are just sounds. There's some Test Icicles thrown in here too, and Wolf Parade.
This sounds like some inevitable conclusion to music you could hear coming, but it takes a band like this to make it sound new, and suprising. I thought the future would sound something like this, but this is way better. The idea that they have a cardboard cutout of sid vicious playing a sampler is exactly why I would have to see them if they played anywhere near NYC. You hear that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? It's not good enough to have a yellow 7", I want to see sid!

S.I.D.S is one of those bands the listener will always try to deconstruct. As this tendency is predictable among the literate crowd of homespun musicologists that populate the areas where S.I.D.S. is most likely to find an audience, parsing out which bands S.I.D.S. most closely resembles can be a challenge. In the strictest sense of musical lineage, S.I.D.S. owes a debt, in varying degrees, to Devo, Throbbing Gristle, D.N.A. and Kraftwerk. These comparisons serve only minimally, though, as it must be understood that S.I.D.S. music--if not it's psyche altogether--is informed not by the rundown, industrial design of Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale's Akron, Ohio, but by the shiny, hyper-realized modernity of Atlanta, GA. And, yeah, that makes a difference. As much as one can hear the primal reaction to a speedy and emotionally neutral culture, there also is an underlying sense of confusion and desperation as if to say, "No human can keep up with this." That's really the essence of S.I.D.S. music . This confusion also explains why most of the lyrics are not discernible in the first place, taking a back seat to to the tunes themselves. The tracks on this record send their message the same way a punching someone in the jaw gets their message across: No words need be exchanged, but the point has been made. S.I.D.S. is going to have their say; their purpose is expression, not communication. S.I.D.S. is made up of Adam Stroupe, Josh Fauver, Erin Carmichael and a cardboard cut out of Sid Vicious playing a pre-programmed Yamaha psr-540.
The yellow vinyl 7" includes a cd-r with a hidden track, a dvd of their recent performance at Atlanta's Drunken Unicorn, and the artwork of Keren Richter (notkeren.com/Blood is the New Black).


  1. Well come see Sid and the rest of us on June 16th at the Silent Barn. We'll probably play the day before or after at Cake Shop. SID X2

  2. I definitely will, love the 7", just got it the other day from the brooklyn goodnight branch. Can't wait.