Monday, May 7, 2007

Rob's house records new 7"

Fe Fi Fo Fums...I am a huge fan of the super low-fi garage rock, this is what I imagine hearing the Ramones might have been like walking down the street in Queens and hearing a band rocking their hearts out from the half open basement window. It's a little scarey...why do they sound so angry? Is it because they don't care? Why should I?I don't think they care if I do or not. They sneer lyrics, and just barely play fast enough to catch up with each other. The world need more balls out, fuck off punk rock...I mean who the hell even knows what the fuck punk is anymore. All I know is when they say 'Fuck new wave", I believe them.
This sounds bigger than just some lyrics put together and 3 chord changes, it's part of something way bigger.
And of course it's on a 7", anything else would be ridiculous.
RHR027: Fe Fi Fo Fums - Boom Boom Girl 7" b/w You Might Get Me
the boom boom budget rock comes to rob's house! the fe fi fo fums play a raw, punk musical clamor a la the Ramones. a-side is another loud and shitty smash hit. b-side's a slow track in the vein of 'i wanna be your boyfriend'! a must have! 500 pressed, black vinyl. is seriously onto something, and I will be checking back to listen to every release, plus they just seem like awesome guys. They sure like music and 7"'s.

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