Friday, June 22, 2007

bright eyes - Hot Knives picture disc

I saw that video for Four Winds where Connor is standing onstage at a country western bar and gradually the audience starts yelling 'you suck' and throwing stuff at him and the band. It was a little disturbing. I get the feeling that this is his 'dylan going acoustic' moment where he's getting some backlash over getting more and more country. I don't mind it ...some of the manic energy is missing, I guess he's mellowing a little in style not content.
The only problem with this 7" is that it's two tracks off Cassadega. I just can't bring myself to buy this solely based on it being a picture disc. This goes against everything. I like indie rock because it doesn't care about that right? Well it does, but I don't.
Bad 7" bad.

Well this random place has it...and HotStuff
Double A side single "Hot Knives" backed with "If The Breakeman Turns My Way" on Ltd edition numbered 7" picture disc.

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