Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Gang Wizard

Gang wizard is making the kind of music you thought you were making in your garage because it seemed so easy. 'I can do that', you said. Got some people together, some shitty instruments. Record anything with the tape deck, power tools for 45 minutes...it will be great.

Trust me, you'll never listen to it ... leave it to the professionals.

This is the kind of music I use to test myself...I never last very long but I want to sit down in a dark room with a strobe light and really get into it. It's like those great disturbing movies you don't want to go to, it's a lot of effort to get into that place. So you don't go very much, it's worth it, under the right circumstances.

Go get it from DNT records. Their full length is on Load Records, the superlabel for supernoise.

Gang Wizard I Remember You From the Party in Long Beach "...an angelic force, delivering a unique thrash-bliss sound to the world. Sparkeling synths and homemade glitter electronics are combined with whirlwind drums, screaming vocals, and aluminum spring guitars. A fantasy of blindness cycling through your lungs." members of foot village, rose for bohdan, and many other bands. Edition of 300 on black vinyl with minimalist cover. dnt 7"

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