Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Xiu Xiu / W-S Burn split 7"

Xiu Xiu / W-S Burn split 7"

Xiu xiu is really in a category by himself, it amazes me the things he successfully gets away with
musically, lyrically. He's like a sufjan stevens...he dominates that style, always creates something interesting, so every unreleased track on 7" is worth tracking down. There are numerous split 7"'s I've seen with Devendra, etc.
Just great, along with Connor Oberst, he's the only one trying on political themes in his music, and it makes it all the more emotional. 'Support our troops OH!' just kills me good and bad every time I hear it.
I don't know W-S Burn, but go check out their myspace these sound like live recordings, loud, even for laptop speakers, that piercing projecting loud.
It makes sense paired with xiu xiu. Anyone that has xiu xiu and deerhoof as a top myspace friend means business.
Get it from W-S Burn's myspace, look for the address in their blog, or from's only $4, and these will go fast.

Xiu Xiu and W-S Burn combine for a beautiful split 7” recording. Xiu Xiu gives fans a brand new exclusive track “mean, childish and boring” while W-S Burn woo listeners with the beautiful “above the fray”. Mastered by Carl Saff. The cover artwork is absolutely gorgeous as well.

From W-S Burn: We are extremely pleased to announce that we currently have about 50 copies of a brand new split 7" record that has just been released on Stickfigure Records out of Atlanta, GA. One side features a new Xiu Xiu song entitled, "Mean, Childish, and Boring" that is not available anywhere else. The other side features the W-S Burn song, "Above the Fray", from the 'Birdsong in Stereo' album that was self-released in cdr format in 2006. Enormous thanks to Gavin at Stickfigure for initiating it. Luscious thanks to Jamie for writing a completely new song for the split. Contact us if you are interested in buying. Bye. xxxooo...


  1. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Thanks for posting about this. I was completely unaware. So,I checked out the W-S Burn myspace recordings and they are really amazing, but "piercing, projecting loud"??? I don't hear that at all. The first song starts quietly and stays that way until the last minute and a half (when it gets 'loud' - compared to the rest of the song), and the second song sounds like a really cheap recording, just acoustic guitar and voice, and is very quiet throughout. So, yeah, not sure how you arrived at your assessment - but thanks(!!!) for posting about this. I love Xiu Xiu so much - and I agree, it's necessary to get every one of their recordings.

  2. I'm going to give that another listen, I was a little rushed today and her voice was cutting through everything on my tiny laptop speakers, even at a really low volume. That's what I get for reviewing at work...