Friday, June 29, 2007

Interpol - Heinrich Maneuver 7"

Side 1 :- 01. Heinrich Maneuver ( Radio Edit )
Side 2 :- 01. Concert Introduction 2007

What is concert introduction? Is that an instrumental track they use before shows? Or is it like Elvis and 2001? Can't wait.
Interpol has been really consistent so far and to keep writing these dark pop hooks I would think would get harder and harder, but they keep pulling it off, and being mysterious at the same time. They didn't get too overexposed for me. I don't feel like they are a part of every festival or interview. They kind of pick their moments. That's a huge part of it.
It's a little suprising this is a US band, I keep forgetting that they aren't english, this feels UK to me at times, or associate this somehow with that part of the world. Because if it ever's not imitating anymore.
That seven inch box set is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

7" Vinyl Version. The first single from Interpol's forthcoming third album "Our Love To Admire", the band having signed to Capitol following two albums for the Matador label.
Of course this is going to be an import...from hotstuff, Nonstop music or this american mailorder place I've never seen....hmmmm.

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