Wednesday, June 27, 2007

lee marvin computer arm

I can hear some make up influences in here, they songs rock pretty hard in the new detroit way. That town has some crazy recent history. People bitch about, 'there is no seattle sound,' or whatever town you want, and that may be true, but from Detroit I'm hearing a lot of this kick ass rock and roll, with a yell. There is some nice yelling. I haven't seen that movie, detroit rock city. I imagine, being a NYer that there are miles of warehouses like in robocop, for $50/month, and all the free electricity you can get.
I loved this name and saw it in soundfix, but it's nothing I'm going to run out and get. Nothing super original happening here. Sorry.
I like Cass records a lot though, they are really promoting this sound and the bands that rock it and for that I salute him.

With the reckless spirit of the Who and Nation of Ulysses, Lee Marvin Computer Arm obliterate the stage like it did them wrong. This record, although with considerably less sweat, still pumps with flesh-searing rock catastrophe and will have all the middle schoolers aching to play trumpet in first semester symphonic band. Did I mention there are three brothers in the band? That's wicked in a Jackson 5/Osmonds sorta way. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

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