Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lightspeed Champion

This guy used to be in Test Icicles, so I was eagerly awaiting this 7", what crazy direction would this be taking, solo. What we have here are a lot of strings and acoutic guitars and some crazy fucking hair. Seriously, this guy has some amazing hair, that's the most impressive part. It's completely alien, and I don't believe some kind of stylized act, I think that's the way he likes it and you can fuck off.
He seems like an unpretentious nice enough guy, from his blog at lightspeed champion, but this musically just doesn't seem that interesting to me. It's quiety folk, nothing really stands out listening. LS-Myspace
The bar was raised way to high with the icicles. That really was one of the most successfull stylistic mashups I've ever heard.
He's opening for bright eyes all over england. Please don't change that hair.
Preorder from Domino records.
Pre-order Lightspeed Champion's debut single on ltd edition blue 7" vinyl for only £1.99!
Hailing from London - via Edinburgh and Texas - Dev Hynes aka Lightspeed Champion chose to head out to Omaha, Nebraska to record with Saddle Creek Records’ resident producer, Mike Mogis. The result is a semi-acoustic, country-rock and folk-pop sound, which will surprise anyone who remembers Dev from his heavier Test Icicles days.
Galaxy Of The Lost is a beautifully arranged catchy tune, which hinges on the ambivalent couplet: “I feel better now I’ve seen you/But deep inside my bones feel like timber”. It’s that time-honoured ‘can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em’ scenario. The track features drums, bass, pedal steel and string arrangements from an informal backing band of Omaha luminaries such as Nate Walcott and The Faint’s drummer Clark Baechle. It also includes sweet backing vocals from Dev’s friend Emmy The Great, which combined with Dev’s dark lyrics set the emotional tone of forthcoming album, Falling Off The Lavender Bridge. B-side track Waiting Game features additional vocals by Derek Pressnal from Tilly And The Wall, and guitars from Mike Mogis.

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