Thursday, June 14, 2007

scout niblett

There is a very fine line when playing acoustic guitar and singing, the difference between good and horrible is very, very thin. It's a careful mix of sincerity, and talent, and originality. To stand out among others in this a capella/acoustic category is difficult.
It's like the internet or CB radio, it's very easy to do, or attempt to do in an afternoon and think 'well I can just sing with a guitar at the open mic', sometimes it's a talent to know you suck. Think about that before you sing about living in 'a woody allen town'.

Scout Niblett, (that name is crazy, it has to be made up, but I can let it slide) is very talented, she has a hell of a voice, and she does that Chan Marshall layering thing where they are just slightly different and really gets me.
I'm not saying I am completely convinced yet...that pantheon is hard to get in, but she may well be on her way.
I'm glad I took a chance on a 7" I saw at Academy the other day. It made me relisten to her
myspace page.
Myspace is so fucking ugly, it almost turns me off to everyone...if I could just strip everything out except the streaming music...I guess I should just close my eyes.
It's like we've gone back in time to this weird tabled front page of a website from 1995. When is this going away. I can't wait.
New EP out now on too pure Available on CD, 7" and download: PURE 204 CDS/S/DL Dinosaur Egg * Just What I Needed ** Just Do It * Lyrics by David Shrigley taken from his "Worried Noodles" book (tomlab) ** Originally by The Cars
After the breathtaking beauty of her last album Kidnapped By Neptune, released Springtime 2005, Scout Niblett firmly marks her return with brand new EP Just Do It / Dinosaur Egg. The three tracks were recorded over two days at the legendary Sun Studios, Memphis. Lyrics from the lead track 'Dinosaur Egg' were taken from the notional album, Worried Noodles, by artist David Shrigley and brought to life as a song with Scout's vocal melodies and minimal finger-picked guitar.
This is import from toopure. Or more conveniently at Scratch records. She is the real deal.