Friday, June 15, 2007

the hold steady

You know what it is about the hold steady? I can't get past this guy's voice. It's somewhere between bob mould and the Walkmen. It's almost english sounding...It's that style of like oversinging every word in this tough guy way. It reminds me of those mod bands or billy bragg, who I thought I liked for a few days. He didn't stick.
What can I say, you can't like everyone.

Road records has it...IN IRELAND!
Not just one 7", no this is part 1 of 2! You foreigners can't get enough of the hold steady. I can't even find this in Brooklyn...the band lives in Brooklyn! I bet they can't even get a copy of this!

This is an outrage...I can't take it anymore, people have to start demanding 7"'s like this...dammit people, there is nothing more important in this world.

* THE HOLD STEADY- stuck between stations- uk 3-track vinyl 7" with 2 non album tracks inc a live instore track in wrap around sleeve 7" $6.98

the second single to be taken from the most recent album boys and girls in america, limited edition pressing on clear vinyl, also features teenage liberation and chips ahoy live at fingerprints on the flip side, may 2007

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