Friday, June 1, 2007

superchunk vs meatwad • Picture disc! • MERGE

Track listing:
A: Misfits and Mistakes
B: Misfits and Mistakes (Meatwad Vocals)

I missed Superchunk somewhere before another jerk ruined this band....somewhere in college, this idiot based all his work on their lyrics or something ridiculous...I don't think that could ever make good artwork.
I swear there was someone else making installations based on Aqualung.
If I like the work, I'm going to write it off if I'm not down with everything already associated with that music genre or whatever.
It's hard for those two things to come together successfully.

They are also playing McCareen pool June 24th, I'm debating if they can ever be reconsiled with me, and this would be the place to hear them for the first time, I've never sat down and given them a chance.

Even better is this combo with Adult Swim, that's out of nowhere...the danger doom stuff, and now this...and it's a picture disc. The bar down the street has a neon sign where the alien guys are flipping you off...over and over.
This new 7-inch single picture disc contains a fantastic new song unavailable elsewhere, recorded specifically for the epic film "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters". The b-side is a version sung by Meatwad. You'll be surprised how much he sounds like Mac. Artwork by the Aqua Teen Hunger Force people.
Get it from Merge

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