Thursday, May 31, 2007

These Are Powers

"Silver Lung" / "Funeral Xylophone", "Crows of Troy"

I could go on and on about how much I like the liars. To me they are one of the supergroups of noise/experimental rock. I don't know knife skills & no things but there are some pretty amazing vocals from Anna of knife skills on 'the south angel', this is frightening stuff, that is sung beautifully.

According to the press release this is ghost punk: that is awesome.

Until post ghost punk comes along, I will settle for
these are powers.

I really like this dirty/scary/minimal/echoy stuff. It's impossible to explain....there's something really exciting about it. It's the sound of treading on new ground, pioneering out into the untamed west of sound...taking a sound to a conclusion, manipulating and repeating.
They are sound scientists....and I want to hear every experiment.

This is on Elsie & Jack....the packaging sounds pretty amazing...
it's only $6
These Are Powers These ex-members of LIARS, KNIFE SKILLS & NO THINGS express their abrasive avant noise rock w/vigour over this 3 track 7". This is their 1st vinyl after several well received tapes & cdr's. Anna's primal screams & ghostly whispers, Pat's nursery rhyme chanting w/surging bass & Ted's near motorik beats run riot like a crazed Plastic Ono Band filtered through that Brooklyn/NYC haze. This is E & J's 1st foray into the lair of lacquer, pressed on heavyweight white vinyl presented in a beautifully printed & laser etched black card sleeve w/additional colour transluscent vellum inserts.


  1. hey there jason - great review! have you got the real deal 7inch yourself??? [you should!!!]- it's a labor of love, alrighty.
    if you get a copy from elsie and jack direct, there's a cdr version included with the vinyl [for an extra $2]]]
    and have you seen the video? wow.

  2. Phil,
    I ordered it that day! Can't wait to hear it...I just got the 7" only.
    I should be able to catch them in NYC here pretty soon as well.
    I will have to go check out the video now.