Wednesday, June 20, 2007

tilly and the wall - the freest man

I have steadily becoming more and more a fan of Tilly, every time it comes up I like it. It takes me back to the swirlies, early 90's bedroom recording, every weird sound is exciting, and usable. Hook the 4 tracks together and get an 8 track. They have great harmonies and just write funny catchy unpretentious songs.
They might be a little uneven, I never know what to expect, but that's what will make me get every last one of their seven inches.

The new white stripes album is completely mind blowingly amazing. Get it and the limited 7"'s that go along with it.

On moshi moshi, only to grace the shores across the Atlantic if you go and get it yourself or pay international shipping...oh well, you win again England.

Tilly and the wall-The freest man-Limited to only 600 copies on the moshi moshi label, this is the first track so far to be recorded without the distinctive sounds of tapdancing for percussion, this is a really delicious piece of summery pop music in a similar vein to the likes of early st etienne meets camera obscura, the single also features a rather stomping hot chip remix of sing songs along on the flip side, may 2007-7"-Moshi moshi
Their latest full length is available from saddle creek/team love with a bonus 7" as well

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