Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Panda Bear

There is a new Panda Bear 7" from Person Pitch. It's 7$ Directly from Paw Tracks.

I really can't stop listening to this, it's also making me go back and relisten to Pet Sounds and Smile. These aren't things I gave too much notice to ever. I know their signifigance now but I also know my dad listened to the beach boys all the time and I kind of wrote them off. That was music from my chldhood...like Barry Manilow. It can't be good can it? Well, yes it is. I know now it's important for a lot of reasons. The biggest milestones are the ones that later seem like they aren't because they are so prevalent now. 'That sound isn't that groundbreaking', it's sad because I know I won't ever know what it was like to hear that when it first came out.

Well I can get that a little bit with Person Pitch this is my Pet Sounds. In style and substance. And Sung Tongs, these will hold up in a decade, and still be amazing. This album works start to finish... perfect for summer and it just lulls me into happiness.

This will be gone quick, only 1000.

Panda Bear - Take Pills b/w Bonfire Of The Vanities 7" (Paw Tracks)
Latest single from Panda Bear's hugely successful Person Pitch. "Take Pills" is backed with a live version of the non-album track "Bonfire Of The Vanities" recorded at the Lisbon club ZDB. Limited to 1,000 copies.

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