Friday, July 20, 2007

Band of Horses - Funeral

The Funeral / The end's not near

This song 'Funeral' will definitely go into any of my playlists or mixes automatically, but overall that album kind of didn't do anything for me. They are very built to spill-esque and I liked everything that was going on, but I don't really find myself going out of my way to listen to it. Did it catch on?

The B-side is exclusive, so if you loved this, of course you have to get this.

Funeral always struck me as having a nice balance of being kind of sad and sensitive with these depressing lyrics, and then there was such a nice explosion of sound it elevated everything and became really epic...I didn't get that anywhere else on the album. It was written for a series opening, the next OC.

I really like the great salt lake video though...just a baseball game, I know they just wanted an excuse to go hang out with their friends and play some baseball, ad shoot a video. But there is something really familiar and comforting about it. It's ok to rock the indie and rock the baseball. I always had trouble putting those worlds together. It's nice to see someone acknowledge it. I know it's out there, I was never a part of it, but there can be a non-jock scene in competitive sports. I had no role models, so it's just good to see.

They happen to be playing McCareen Pool this Sunday, so I'll go check them out, but I might just go to see the Annuals

Individually numbered edition of 750 copies.
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Also at Norman records, another UK mecca for 7 inches.

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