Monday, July 23, 2007

Wooden Wand

I am a little overwhelmed by his back catalog, I have a few releases from WW+VV, I got the feeling that was over from the myspace page, and that he was going solo as Wooden Wand. The latest great pop supplement was under the vanishing Voice moniker, here it's just wooden wand.
From all the press releases/promo he's trying to divorce the psychedelic from the folk and just go his own direction with a bunch of guest musicians like Steve Shelly and Lee Renaldo from Sonic Youth. It's hard to make that transition, to go from the style that has been successful, even got you where you are, and then decide to go a new direction...but with this kind of support other people believe in it.

Wooden Wand
More From The Mountains/Guru Femmes
Woodsist 005
Excellent limited single from Wooden Wand, with two sides of beautiful "Desolation Row" styled circular folk ballads that would've sat perfectly anywhere on his last couple of albums. A real keeper and a pleasure to flip. More From The Mountain features one of James Jackson Toth's final transmissions under the Wooden Wand moniker. Side A has been a live favorite for some time, while Side B's "Guru Femmes" is a home recording of a long-retired tune entirely exclusive to this release. Limited, hurry, etc

It's available from Fusetron.

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