Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Prinzhorn Dance School - Up! Up! Up!


It's easy to attempt experimental music, you can pull the wool over everyone's eyes and self release literally noise from the freeway, processed and slowed down. Even make everyone think that's what you are doing. But it takes a lot to make something smart. To strip everything down, get rid of the excess and still make something interesting, still make something accessible that isn't unlistenable.
I think that's my problem with a lot of noise/experimental acts, there's no way to tell them apart and what is really happening anyway?
Not that this is really experimental, just loose, like rehearsal sessions from raw talent. How can they be getting away with so little, but still make it sound like something contemporary is happening? I love the vocals, lyrics and minimal sound, it's like mates of state meets suicide.

Needless to say I like these guys. Very much.

There's something about a two piece that seems to always work. I can name at least 10 memorable two piece bands...there is a unique relationship that makes everything different.

Go get both singles from DFA here. Plus they have a crazy wallet that won't be around long....not only that but Aug 6th they release another 7" on DFA, according to their site. I'll be ordering that as well.

No dance music here. Prinzhorn Dance School deliver a torrent of edgy, single-riff, bare-bones, DIY rock that sounds like if The Fall were to jam with The White Stripes and then fire half the members. Their style of outsider rock has had insiders buzzing ever since Pitchfork started touting the duo who are the first UK signing to the New York City’s DFA label (LCD Soundsystem, The Juan Maclean, Black Dice among others). This limited edition 7" single and digital download presents a taster of what is to come when Prinzhorn Dance School release their debut full-length album in August.

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