Tuesday, July 10, 2007

lucky dragons

This is a sample crazy, relooped, manipulated piece of work. The lucky dragons myspace page is kind of making me sick...well done, the spinning rotating rainbows are driving me insane.
This is labeled trance?, but I associate that more with techno/house kind of things, this definitely has a dance-less spin. There's tons of videogame noises, and stuttered samples that don't loop. As opposed to most highly electronic composition, which is really clean sounding, lucky dragons sound more diy, I can almost hear the junk toys malfunctioning. This will challenge you.
I also heard that they are playing the Whitney museum July 20th.

On caff/flick records. (import)

Lucky dragons-Very-Picture disc. New material from us laptop psyche exponent luke fischbeck. The first in a series of collaborations with la based artist david horvitz whose photographs adorn each side of this extremely limited edition single.-7"-Caff/flick-?5.99

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