Monday, July 9, 2007

Rosewood green - Great pop supplement

The Great Pop Supplement keeps putting out amazing seven inches. Really...even if you aren't a fan or don't know the artist, I highly recommend every one of these. The packaging is so amazing...every one has inserts with mini playing cards, or hand sewn sleeves. So far I've loved every one of these.
I don't know Rosewood Green but the previous Pete Greenwood 7" was great, so I'm all for this new collaboration. Dom has also hinted at a James Blackshaw 7"...the two things I have heard are excellent additions to my fahey/Gastr del sol playlists.

From Dom:
also ready to order is a 4 track 7" ep by the wonderful rosewood green, a debut ep featuring the fabulous slide guitar work of pete greenwood (from an earlier gps45), gorgeous strings / cellos across 4 very english folk tunes. 250 only all in art nouveau tile print sleeves, tracing paper inserts and finished off with a gps ribbon clipped to the sleeves (how can you resist?!) cost on these is £3.99.

Contact him directly at thegreatpopsupplement(at)

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