Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Love of Diagrams - No Way Out

1. No Way Out / 2. In The Red

I had gotten a few singles a little while ago and hadn't given it a proper listen until today.
They sound stuck in that nowave period that I love, the same time warp that the Organ was stuck in. Or love is all, with more talking instead of screaming. Same energy. They have this weird reverb on the vocals that sounds like they are in a backwards cave, 2 girls one guy, the bassist and lead guitar (guy) trade off vocals which mak
e me think of the B52's if they were still around and went in this nowave - mathrock direction. It's super catchy, slightly scarey sounding, like really early peel session cure....but a lot more fun.
This sounds like sleater-kinney at points too, but without as annoying of a voice. That's what always held me back from liking them more. There's just a hint of it here. The good part.

Matador has an import single, which is amazing:

We've imported limited quantities of this UK single from The Passport Label. This thing is the heaviest weight 7" I've ever seen. It's a brick, no joke. Get it while the getting is good!

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