Thursday, August 2, 2007

Turbo Fruits - Volcano

Be Your Own Pet is now Turbo Fruits...ok, I don't know if it's over or what this means exactly, I recently missed them in Brooklyn at silent barn. I'm trying to get this from modlang, but they tell me it's super limited to 450.
I haven't even heard this yet, but little pieces, they list early sabbath and MC5 as influences, so you can bet we've going backwards in time from the punk escapades of Be your own pet. I still think about that 7" set they released of their entire first album. A box of the entire album. Amazing.
I keep going back to that record when I feel like rocking out, I'm tired, I need to get through this project, put BYOP on and 15 songs later I'm done.
I also am amazed every time I go take a look at Ecstatic peace. Say what you will about Thurston, haters, but he consistently is doing and has done more for sound than anyone I can think of. I remember going to see Kinski once and there was Thursten, off backstage, just watching. He is continuously in the scene and that really suprised the time, of course he is a fan of the new sounds too. You can't just sit back and collect the checks from Daydream Nation.

This is import only.

Turbo Fruits release their debut 7" on Ark Records. This is a side project of some nugget from Be Your Own Pet who's name I believe is Jonas. American sounding noisy indie rock sums this up quite nicely. It's not can hear its someone from Be Your Own Pet so I guess they have a distinctive sound.... maybe bits of The Stooges in there. Very Ecstatic Peace, very New York sounding. Loads of information there for you. 'Volcano/ Murder' is 7" only.


  1. turbo fruits is just a side project of be your own pet, whom are still a band.

  2. Good to hear, I'm really looking forward to the next album. My speculation was based on nothing except I can't imagine working on both projects....

  3. krisan7:59 PM

    there are a couple byop side projects actually, all rule. but i am completely stoked for the album, their new songs are so fucking raaaaaaaad. its gonnaa bee tight.