Friday, September 21, 2007

Air Drum manifesto

It seems with the release of Hot lixx's air guitar 7", there is a new movement spearheaded by Matt Nash about air drumming. Here is an email he sent me the other day. A call to arms for air drummers everywhere. Air guitar shouldn't get all the credit.

On Air Drumming
Matthew Nash

Let's face facts: air drummers are a different breed than air guitarists. While every average joe with a big ego has aspired to play guitar, very few have chosen the path that leads behind the kit, and fewer have heard a song blasting for the nearest stereo and thought "I'd love to pretend to play drums to that!"

Admittedly, most young rockers dream of the spotlight, and when they get bored with singing the lyrics to their favorite songs by Led Zep, Sabbath, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam and The Strokes into their shampoo bottles, they look for other forms of creative air expression. It does not take much imagination to imitate the Jimmy Pages, Joe Perry's, and Jack White's of music; who out there wants to be Steve Shelley, Todd Trainor or Larry Herweg?

I do.

On this blog, Jason has reviewed and interviewed the amazing Hot Lixx Houlihan, who is famous for his mastery of the air guitar. He has a 7" record to commemorate his triumph, and I am not ashamed to admit that I covet Jason's disc just a little bit. Yet, I also want to destroy it, and replace it with a 7" of air drums.

But where, I ask, is an air-musician worthy of replacing Mr. Houlihan? Who has the arm strength to pretend to feel the rebound of an air-drum-stick against an imagined ride cymbal? Who will air-stomp a double-kick while crashing repeatedly to the epic conslusion of Pelican's "Sirius" or wait ever-so-patiently to brutally smash the air around them at the climax of Mono's "Halcion (Beautiful Days)"?

Air drummers of the world, I challenge you to show Mr. Hot Lixx Hulahan, and air-music lovers everywhere, that the guitar is not the only instrument worthy of air-honor. Those of us who rock out on the toilet, the bus, in restaurants and bars and every unacceptable place, this is the time to show what we are made of: air drummers of the world - unite!

Matt, I have 2 questions for you.
When's the 7" coming out, and are you worried Hot Lixx will sue you for sampling?
Good luck, can't wait for the dvd.

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  1. Actually, to avoid any copyright issues, I'll be sampling from John Cage's 4’33’’