Monday, September 24, 2007

wooden shjips repress - blue

If you took Dead Meadow and played it in a room then recorded that sound back into a room playing that sound back on itself, a feedbacking, long echo ear piercing guitar screech, on top of layers of sleigh bells and you might get an idea of what wooden shjips sound like. They have steadily been building hype on the release of only one 7" and one 10" which have been universally acclaimed by everyone, and for good reason.
It isn't just sound for sound sake, like the mess of industrial bands that ultimately amounted to their own self-destruction. There is a hypnotic drone rhythm to it and real solid bass lines keeping it all together. But essentially all the pieces are pretty understated, but I can see why in describing this, reviews are all over the pretty much have to hear it.
I also saw that Subpop is soon to release their next 7", sometime in October, that's pretty good for 17".

I found that fusetron in my neighborhood has a few copies, I haven't been over there yet, so this is as good of an excuse as any.

Aquarius records
WOODEN SHJIPS "Summer Of Love (aka Sol '07)" (A Sick Thirst / Holy Mountain) 7" 5.98
The red vinyl version of this single song psych drone blow out from these SF boys is sold out and gone, but now they've repressed the thing on blue vinyl, yay! It's the same in every way, just a different color. If you've already ordered the red version, you're gonna get the blue version, cuz it's pretty much the same, minus the color thing, after all these are for listen' to, NOT collectin'...right?
A single song teaser to these local boys' long awaited full length, out now on Holy Mountain. And if you've been digging their past releases (a 7" and a 10") then this brand new single will
definitely hit the spot. More of what we love, a relentless, neverending blown out fuzzy groove, all warm whirring organ, fuzz guitar, and throbbing bass, the drums a super solid motorik
framework, the vocals sort of sung / spoken, reverb and delay EVERYWHERE, the strangest addition is the haunting horns on the A side, that drift and moan ghost like over the fuzz jam below. One song spread out over two sides, by side 2, the band have locked it in and sound like they are never gonna stop. A looped cyclical minimal fuzzrock jam that sounds almost like some crazy crossbreeding of the Doors and Spacemen 3, which should appeal to Circle, Salvatore and Magyar Posse fans as much as all the druggy psychrock dronesters out
BLUE vinyl now, in plain plastic sleeves (like past releases)
and all proceeds still go to Food Not Bombs...

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