Monday, September 17, 2007

Codes in the clouds

With my latest discovery of This will destroy you, I'm all back into anything that rocks and is instrumental, somehow this led me to Codes in the Clouds another rock, cymbal crash swell of distortions. This guy (below) is pretty angry about post-rock...I guess I could see where any of this stuff coming after just might be too much, or once you start finding out about one band, then there's another and another and it's too confusing, you give one bad band your hard earned money and give up.
I can safely say if you want another great quiet-loud rock project, this will fit right into that playlist. I haven't listened enough to the couple tracks on myspace to get the subleties of them yet, but it's more than enough to make a uninformed snap judgement that I like them.
This is going to cost you to have it shipped from England, but then you can be assured it's just me and you..the only two copies in north america.

From Norman records:
Codes in the Clouds are a new act on the wildly eclectic Erased Tapes stable. Erased Tapes have been stalking me on Myspace for months now trying to sell me this damned 7". Well, I'm not buying it but I will do them the good deed of writing a review. Basically, it's like a lo-fi Explosions in the Sky. And erm, that's it. I get a headache in my ballbag trying to write new stuff about post-rock these days. 'Distant Street Lights ' has got come-downs & build ups, has quiet bits & then big fuck off loud bits that might tear your stupid face off if you get too close. so it's really quite good and I'm sure they're well worth catching live. This record is on white vinyl (with bonus CD) so you might have to clean it if you spill red wine on it. Or jam.

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