Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thrash Sabbatical (12"+2x7") Thurston Vs. Everyone!

It would be really incredible to see a catalog of all the sonic youth side projects and splits, the sheer output of this band since 1981 will take decades still to unearth and sort through, recategorizing and rating. Not to throw another release on the pile, but here it looks like he's teaming up for split 7's and a 12" with an all star team of psyche-noise, everyone from gang wizard to robedoor is on the reverse.
It's still amazing that he is so involved in the scene and continues to support great bands and even release some of these projects on SYR, but this is more than just a few vinyl discs, this will be a piece of artwork if not not fun has anything to do with it. It's going to be christmas morning. Partially because I really have no concept of what this is going to sound to sound like. Right before I run over and put it on the record player will be a memorial, because things won't ever sound the same again.

Deathbombarc has it, and I thank them....$25.

An elaborate box-set of vinyl, pairing Thurston Moore 3 times with a selection of amazing Los Angeles acts. Box set will include equaly amazing art designed/curated by Britt & Amanda of Not Not Fun.
Thurston Moore (you know the dude, he is in Sonic Youth) contributes music that ranges from beautiful acoustic guitar work to fierce noise and charging thud rhythms.
Men Who Can't Love is the gang of young LA noise dudes that do the tag team thing like it is the ultimate party. They share the 12" w/ Moore, and hit you over and over with the tagteam efforts of Solitary Hunter, Impregnable, Moth Drakula, Haircut Mountain Transit, Toxic Loincloth, & Privy Seals.
Barrabarracuda are the much more friendly sort, but welcome at the same party. Featuring Grace of Foot Village and Amanda of Pochahaunted on fireworks... erm drums and vocals, plus Britt of Robedoor on guitar and Nichole of Child Pornography on keyboard. Their split 7" w/ Moore is definitly the most melodic of the bunch.
Kevin Shields (here as Eva Aguila of Gang Wizard & Amy V of Yuma Nora) fuses searing walls of aluminum with angelic harmonies for a tension that evokes pure joy. Their split 7" with Moore is matched with equal amounts joy and angelicism, but in soothing rather than tense manner.

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