Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bob Log

I saw Doo Rag once at CBGB's, sometime around 97, and Thermos was still on drums at that point. I don't remember it being crowded but I was psyched, I listened to the hussy bowler 7" a million times and my friend had the full length which I might have even taped on an actual cassette. My friend Aaron must have pointed out they were playing in the Voice, so we randomly decided to go. I was in school and didn't see too many live shows at the time, but there always something good. I tried not to look too much in the paper, but I had to see Doo Rag, I knew it would be amazing. Aaron was getting me into all kinds of blues at the time and then Beck's One foot in the Grave seemed to be all about the same stuff, so Doo Rag with their helmet mounted microphones and cardboard box drum kit seemed perfect.

It really was...the songs all ran into one another with Bob alternating from megaphone to helmet/mic all running through a crazy old amplifier. I don't think they used the PA system. The songs were different live, there was no 'old time' filter applied to every track, there was a clash of new and old, the sound could have been from some weird alternate past, but he was wearing a motorcycle helmet.
This was one of those bands that was so crazy, they couldn't pull it off for long, I'm glad I got to see them.
I remember Aaron talking to them outside afterwords, they were drinking 40's of bud so they became best friends.

I stumbled across bob log's website the other day and had to order
this seven inch.
'Wag your tail like a dog in the back of a truck.'

It looks like it's on blue vinyl? And I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't have a sleeve. Bob is one of a kind.
And weirdly the hussy bowler 7" is still available from this weird punk store for 5 bucks.

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