Tuesday, October 9, 2007

tokyo police club - Your english is good

I am a little skeptical of these guys, that's not wrong when you like an EP so much.
My only criticism, and you can hear it in this song, is it's getting into that production that believes in adding more and more to the mix until it resembles something from 10 years earlier. Something like that 'Send me an angel' song from that bmx movie. Don't ask me why but I could see them doing today's equivalent.
I do like the vocals, and the back and forth of everyone joining in along with an explosion of keyboards and then they drop off to just a kick drum. It's not as huge as Nature of the Experiment, but it's a crowd jumper.
The jury is still out on these guys, they have a ways to go before they're taken seriously, but they haven't driven off the cliff just yet.
An acoustic B-side? Now you're just messing with me.

From Insound.

TPC decided to record a new single that'll be out on 9 july in the UK and Ireland to coincide with the dates. its called "your english is good" - its an absolute stormer with a trade mark shouted slogan, a big instrumental hook and tender verses -
Finally after wearing out our copy of 'A Lesson In Crime' we’re pleased as punch to inform y’all that there's something new to own by Tokyo Police Club.
Available on 7" and digitally, live favourite, 'Your English Is Good' comes with acoustic number 'Swedes in Stockholm’ .

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