Wednesday, October 3, 2007

erase errata tomlab series 'U'

Tomlab in their never ending quest to release the entire alphabet of seven inches is all the way up to 'U'. Pretty incredible, just a few short letters to go and maybe they will start all over again with double letters. I'm still investigating Erase Errata, they have been around forever and the more I'm reading, I'm really getting into their crazy sound. They feel like deerhoof in ways to me, really experimental but still with structure and skill.
They have a huge body of work and it can be a little overwhelming and that's why this seven inch would be the perfect place to start.

It's on aquarius

ERASE ERRATA "Alphabet Series U" (Tomlab) 7" 6.98
Hot on the heels of the great new Jenny Hoyston record that we're in love with comes a little 7" from her main act, Erase Errata. We're so happy that Tomlab is on a mission to save the seven inch, as it will always be one of our favorite music listenin' formats. Nothing better then a little slab o wax from one of your favorite bands. Erase Errata are in top form here as we know they love 45's as much as we do, so they wouldn't dare just put some throwaway tracks on one. These two exclusive tracks explode with the passion and late night urgency that have become trademarks of their sound. Tapping into the early spirit of P.I.L in a way that sounds so fresh and gripping. Songs that you will want to listen to over and over and no better way to do that then by laying down the needle to the wax again and again. Seven inch perfection!

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