Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Thrill Jockey - Best box set ever.

I don't even know how I found myself on Thrill Jockeys site yesterday, but I saw this in the news section and really had to check around a few time to make sure I was reading this right. For their 25th anniversary they are about to release a box set of covers from their entire back catalog. This is going to be amazing, the artists and tracks involved. Seriously amazing. I seriously have to start putting up my ebay pile of seven inches to make room and money for this piece of work.
(It's not on pink vinyl, that's just a random picture from a CCR 7" box set. Almost as insane, 16 7" of Creedence? And on pink vinyl? What are there 10 copies of this? I had no idea there would be a market for that.)

As soon as I hear anything, this is getting preordered.

The celebration rolls on into eternity with a Limited Edition 7 inch box set. Inspired by the delicious Devil’s Jukebox 7” set released in 1989 by Blast First, Thrill Jockey decided to celebrate some of our and our band’s favorite songs by releasing a limited edition 180 g 7” box of our own. We extended an open invitation to our bands to select and cover any song ever released on Thrill Jockey. The result is a set of 9 seven inches (18 songs). These amazing cuts have us all drooling. Nobukazu Takemura covered by Tortoise, Thalia Zedek covered by Arbouretum, Califone covered by The Sea and Cake, The Lonsesome Organist covered by Pit Er Pat, The Fiery Furnaces covered by David Byrne and much more!! More details to come, we'll keep you posted.

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