Friday, October 12, 2007

Interpol • Mammoth

Heinrich Maneuver has all the things that should make it as good, as any other interpol release but maybe something has changed?
Lets face it everyone has made up their mind about them by now with this album, you either like them and you'll get this or you're over them.
Now that I saw the Joy Division movie Control... anyone that uses them and interpol in the same sentence is an idiot. They may have been influenced by them, but really any reference to Joy Division and their sound is completely off base.
Why is it that people would even make that comparison? Lyrically? Maybe, although I feel like Ian Curtis is more poetic, and naive. It seems like he's in that time of your early 20's where you think everything you write is great and it's lofty, it just happened to hit the mark in a lot of ways. Musically? I think that's where really the most differences are. Interpol uses a lot of effects and instruments when compared. JD had a much much more minimal sound, almost every instrument was right in the front and center of the mix, all separated. Look? Sure they have suits and ties and weird bedhead hair, ok they look the same. Attitude? Sort of, Interpol seems like they are in the same depressed universe maybe, but there's a fashion to them?...
Oh what the hell, just stop it, I'm sure they hate it anyway, and so does everyone else.

The release of Interpol's new single "Mammoth".
This Monday 3rd September see's the release of the new single Mammoth, available as a download, enhanced CD, gatefold 7" vinyl, and a beautiful etched 7" vinyl. The CD features the fantastic Erol Alkan remix of Mammoth, an orchestral version of Pioneer to The Falls plus the video. The gatefold 7" includes Evil recorded live at the London Astoria show back in July.

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