Monday, October 15, 2007

tunng - bullets

Bullets starts with a frightening slowed down sample going back and forth from right to left channel and some acapella comes in with piano, some kind of backwards sweeping samples piano with the usual really nice layered english vocals about catching bullets in your teeth, and bones across the table. The obviousness of some of the samples is insane, machine guns, washboards, cuckoo clocks...really clean and placed just so, it's a testament to computer sequencing and mixing, but then are tons more that just break through and you'll spend hours playing this tracks over and over, amazed with headphones.
It's ends in a cacophony of unrecognizable percussion all striking together in a hallelujah chorus to something sinister...very pre-halloween.
A truly great song from a band that keeps getting better...too bad it's a remix and one that doesn't do the song justice...then again maybe he just gave up, can't say that I blame him.

This is from norman figures. and static caravan, and full time hobby.
Tunng are back with a new single called Bullets. 'Bullets' is one of my favourite moments from their recent pop opus (popus). Sweet sounding folk inflected pop music with some dark lyrics about catching bullets with our heads. I prefer to use my hands to catch things. A great great little pop tune. For some reason it includes an absolutely awful Max Tundra remix which simply has to be heard to be believed. On 7" and CD!

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