Wednesday, October 17, 2007

yeah yeah yeahs - Is Is

Yes this is way past being out, and I've been waiting to get it to review, it's in the mail now, but I might as well try to stay current.
This EP really sincerely is what the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are capable of still. If you didn't think Show your Bones was everything it could have been, this is worthy of purchase. There's great energy, like Fever to tell, and Nick Zinner keeps coming up with the best guitar sounds and rhythms...everything, He's in my fantasy football band.
They can explode a song like no other band, the noise from these 3 people is amazing. And Karen O, well it goes without saying they broke the freaking mold when she was made. There's no one like her. This is like one of those combinations of bands where you say, how did they find each other? Any other group with any member just wouldn't have worked.

I know there were a couple versions of this, I think a 12", and CD of course, but when I heard it was available on double 7", I had to track it down.

I also finally had a minute to give the new Radiohead album a chance, listening at home on a real stereo, when no one else is home, it was was great. I sat there, not wanting to get up and go make dinner. They are a great example of unlimited resources, they are still ingenious, and take advantage of every effect and sound to it's fullest.

Out: 2007-07-23
YEAH YEAH YEAHS - IS IS EP 2x7? track listing 1. Rockers To Swallow 2. Kiss, Kiss 3. Down Boy 4. Isis 5. 10 x 10

I got it from modlang (just email them) and it's at Hotstuff still.

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