Thursday, October 18, 2007


The more I see them mentioned everywhere, or pass them by in a 7" bin at academy, the more they start to seem like old friends and I need to pick this latest one up from Shit Sandwich.
I love that they are a married duo! This one will have to go on my list of greatest duos ever. I'm working on a little essay about this special rock collaboration, and married ones? Well that's a separate category all together, and occupied by a few contenders surprisingly.
This is honest garage rock and roll, that is captured on what I've heard so far, really well, this is the sound of a great live band, making a lot of god dam racket. This feels like where punk shoud be at this point in history, it's circled back to the beginning, a band having a good time and forcing the audience away from thinking about their day jobs or they should really go home and get some rest, ad not drink as much.
Fuck that.
Cococoma, come to NYC.

SS-12 COCOCOMA - "All I Give" +2 7"

Shit Sandwich Records is proud to present the debut of Chicago's newest hit-makers, Cococoma. This guitar-drums-organ combo plays rough and tough Nuggets-style garage rock that's both brutal and graceful. Or is it?

Cococoma - All I Give 7" on Shit Sandwich Records
"I read that there were two Headache City members in this band, so I wanted to check them out. While I see some similar points with Headache City, this band is very different. In a similar garage style (they also have keyboards) but not in a pop vein, this band is on the devastating punk side. Fuck, "All I Give" is a pure garage punk song that nearly destroys my ears. That is a feeling that I have every day (read my reviews... all are of bands that just want to make as much noise as they can), so I will be near deaf at 50." (Review By Raul Reaction of


  1. We were just there on October 2nd at Don Pedro's!.... ya missed the Hipshakes too!....

  2. Bill,
    You have simultaneously made my day and ruined my day.
    Please come back some time. I love don pedro's.

  3. This feels like where punk shoud be at this point in history, it's circled back to the beginning

    Thanks for being one of the few people that seems to "get" it... Of course there's no way to be original anymore...that doesn't mean we can't take all that good stuff we love and merge that into something fun!