Tuesday, November 20, 2007

declining winter

I was sold pretty quickly on this, I just think at this point they might all be gone (not yet, see below), but I'll be looking out for a full length or just more from this guy. It's all really nice instrumental, in York City Three for example there is a far away almost banjo sound with drums and acoustic guitar, just wandering along, sad sounding. It's like an old Tortoise track or Pullman...I really love those guys I have to pull that out. Junkpiles and Turnstyles. I think I wore out the CD. Very similar feel stuff.
There might be a little Books or Tunng thing going on here also, a little sampling and percussion programming, but done in an almost un-electronic way.
I love that he used different photo's for the front of the sleeves, I'm trying to figure out how to solve that printing problem with my first 7". It's in the works, a side project instrumental band, and I'd love to make them individual, I was thinking of woodblock printing or stencil, something like that, but polaroid or just printed pic, like this, from a car window the snowy world going by is perfect.
I haven't heard Richard adams full time project, Hood, but I'm going to look it up.
This is perfect for a rainy/snowy day to stay indoors.
It's inspiring, I have to go back and work on some music for a while. When it doesn't work, that's it, you just can't get over it.

Declining winter-The future of hip hop parts one and two-New heres a good reminder of just how good modern post rock can be, the declining winter is none other than richard vincent adams from leeds based outfit hood who used to be on the domino label, this is a really really beautiful piece of acoustic guitar led post rock with nods towards the superb sounds of the
durutti column and also early tortoise, like his fomer band hood adams blends scratchy lo fi bedroom sounds with some sublime electronic beats to create some truly haunting sounds, the single is limited to only 200 hand numbered copies, each comes with a different sleeve with a different photograph on each sleeve, november 2007
one copy per customer only-7"-Misplaced music

Or do a search here at Jumbo records. They have a few copies left.

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