Tuesday, November 27, 2007

DJ Balli - sk8 sounds pic disc

If you can't tell, I love these crazy conceptual 7"'s. This is a bunch of skate sounds, grinding, riding, ollies, all put together in a kind of sample happy blank slate ripe for throwing into damn near anything. It's clanking pipes, screeching wheels rolling across plywood, out of tiny laptop speakers it's more like static and some kind of minimal industrial nightmare. Weird stuff, I love the idea, it's not too arranged so you can use it. I'd love to hear the sound of skating over a seven inch and press that.
That reminds me of this 'It's space' project, commissioned through turbulence.org, this artist is making myspace pages of objects sounds and they are all friends with each other, metal bowls, chairs etc. You can freely use the sounds and remix them under the creative commons license, it's pretty funny and free samples of weird stuff. You can even add to the community.

...and if you're going to press this insanity, why not do it on a picture disc of a pope holding a skateboard (?). Nice touch.

Here's sample Mp3's of the disc:
1 Nation, 1 race, 1 Skate and skatebored

It's available on applecore mailorder, who is distro-ing Brooklyn Beats stuff.

DJ Balli "In Skateboard We Noize!!!" picture 7" (Sonic Belligeranza) Why hasn't anyone made an album of sampled skateboard noises which are then chopped into noise and breaks? Well, somewhere in Italy DJ Balli sampled Ed the Skater and tossed it on this picture disc with the Pope holding a board and skaters thrashing on an ear. This is PRIMO DJ tool material here. One side is more noise experiments with plenty of skating breakdowns to drop in. The other side has a little more rhythm and includes a situationist pseudo English accent rant on what skateboarding represents. Skate Noize DJ tool!

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