Monday, November 26, 2007

The Drones - ATP recordings - CUSTOM MADE CONTEST

This is really exciting, we have another contest, thanks to ATP recordings for a copy of the first release from their series 'Custom Made'. Same as last time, just email me under 'Contact Me' and include something about contest and 7" in the subject. I will pick a winner this Sunday from the entries, so you have until then.

Think of it as an early Christmas present from 7inches, and it doesn't stop there either, so if you don't win, please check back next Monday for another giveaway.

This new 7" series sounds amazing, ATP recordings just launched 'Custom Made'. Each release will be double gate fold 7" vinyl consisting of 4 songs, and this is where it gets really interesting. In this beautiful marriage of sound and plastic, they ask each artist for something old, something new, something borrowed and yes....something blue.

For the Drones that meant an old (previously released) track, 'Cockeyed Lowlife of the Highlands', which they then rerecorded for this double 7", which comes off as an Australian take on early Make up or John Spencer Blues Explosion, this updated raw blues guitar screaming solos, but it's Gareth Liddiard who gives all of this it's unique edge. He's totally committed to his own style, complete with shrieks and yells, that this feels live and is typical of their all out approach.

Next is something new. Thy took a track 'I don't ever want to change', from their latest album Gala Mill. They continue this garage dead dog story blues thread, ending in a complete vocal breakdown.

Something borrowed of course is a cover. They chose Charles Aznavour's 'I drink', I'm unfamiliar with this artist but it seems like a perfect eclectic choice from this french Frank Sinatra. This is where I'm hearing the Pogues, (and not just because it's about drinking).

Something Blue? I'm assuming this will be pretty much left to the band as to how to interpret this rule for future releases. Here the Drones included their aptly titled Shark Fin Blues. Leave it to The Drones to come up with a song title like that. It's a perfect example of the way they are working with the classic rock elements, drawing from some early Neil Young or Tom Petty sound, pure driven songwriting and sound, bringing it into the 21st century and proving that there are still unexplored territories in this familiar sound.

But ATP didn't stop with the music...they are also commissioning artists to design the silk screened sleeves and then hand number the edition which is for sale directly from ATP in an edition of 100. For this release they asked indie rock poster artist, Michael Motorcycle But for those of you that can live on the music alone, there's another 900 out there with the same artwork, and no less of an amazing artifact. I love when 7"'s are elevated by the packaging, they deserve it, and it's the whole point in this fleeting age of digital download. I appreciate that format for different reasons, but given a project like this...sure it's not for everyone, but if you love the Drones or Michael Motorcycle you have to have this.

The 100 limited silk screened copies will be available soon, in Dec directly from ATP recordings.

But don't forget to email me and enter to win one of these great 7"'s. (jdean99 (at) gmail dot com).

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