Friday, November 30, 2007

Dog Day - Lydia

I've been finishing up this review of Dog Day at the Cakeshop from Wednesday, trying to figure out who to talk about this morning when I remembered buying a seven inch from the bassist that night. Of course.
I had no idea what I was in for, the name honestly didn't prepare me for this super pop flashback.
Once I saw Bunnygrunt play under acme and it kind of blew me away at the time, they were really fun and I don't think I really acknowledged twee as kind of a sound, that all these bands were together in spirit, but that night I bought the seven inch and had a band for life. I appreciate this stuff.
Dog Day has that new band smell, they are a little punk rock, they would rock out a 2 minute unintelligible song live, which I appreciated. That little throwaway thing is fun for you, and it reminds you of where you started. I wonder how many punk-ish type bands are people's entry point into music. It's so co-opted and easy to digest, as a kid with no clue, you can start a band with two people and you are supposed to sound like shit. It's a formula that will never die. Then you can or can't live with that every day and move on.
They are slightly like the shout out louds or at first the psychedelic furs, not that pretty in pink song, but other stuff, just his vocals. It also took me back to the swirlies, girl/guy back and forth harmony, keyboard, kittens. It's eerie, at times, it's like they are reincarnated.
I'm lucky to have seen them in the basement of the cakeshop. Kick ass.
Hopefully I will make more sense for

This song Lydia explodes after a few slow dirty bass notes, then they are racing like hamsters in a wheel to the finish, there's elements of the pixies with Nancy as the real Kim deal, and I love the B-side it's great. This spent the night on the record player.

It's on tomlab, I'm pretty glad I caught this on tour, now I want to full length and the other 7" from them, but I'd better wait until I just can't take it anymore.


  1. cranley1:11 PM

    living in nova scotia, these guys are a big deal here. they are the nicest people too.

    this release is a must have, bigger and better things are certainly on the way.

  2. I really liked them the other day, I'm glad I caught them live. I've been listening to Night Group like crazy.