Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hot club de paris - XMAS! single

More Christmas goodness, this time from Hot Club De Paris. I don't know them that well, from their myspace, I'm hearing like a futureheads kind of funny lyrically, or an arctic monkeys thing, high energy, rock. This is more complicated, lots of discombobulated parts put together, all different timings, really completely different songs put together, at times even mathy? Like arctic cabellaros?

The B Side is a nice touch, I'm all about the clash lately, and I's love to hear someone else's take on Straight to Hell...with only 300 pressed, you'd better act fast, and it's import only from Banquet records. Or the puregroove link below.

I'm going to see if I can keep talking about Christmas singles until least as many as I can find.

Hot Club De Paris are fresh from Chicago (where they've been recording their second album with Brian Deck) and releasing a Christmas single...
Naturally it'll be out on Christmas Eve (though you can get the download from 17th)

The a side is Will You Still Be In Love With Me Next Year?
the b side is Straight To Hell

You can hear it on their and our myspaces now.
We're not too sure if 7 inches fit in a stocking, but no stocking should be without one. But be quick... there's only 300 of the little beauties...
You can pre-order it here

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