Monday, November 12, 2007

KALX fundraiser 7"

KALX has pressed a double seven inch celebrating their 45 years of broadcasting. This is a great idea for any radio station like this, press a 7 inch with exclusive material recorded in the studio. It's genius. Sure you have to donate like $75 to get it, but you are support radio which is struggling as it is. I love itunes radio stations though, and try to listen to them when I get sick of my library. I was talking about this with my friend Doug the other day how there just is something different about hearing a song, you may have heard it a million time before but when it comes on one of these radio stations, it sounds different. You know there are people out there either loving it, or saying 'I'm so sick of this song already.' That's what makes radio great. That and having a really knowledgeable DJ, who can kind of guide your experience. Like focusing on a particular time period or style, or just playing something you have never heard. It's feeling like part of a community.
This came to my attention thanks to the great Pitchforkmedia. I think it's funny that there is any kind of backlash against them. It's weird. I guess they are Joe Strummer, playing giants stadium. They are out of control, they wanted to be here, but it sucks.

Oh, if you want anther chance to enter the Manchester O / Annuals 7" contest, go over to index7, we are running it separately over there.

I'm currently fantasizing about writing a few Christmas songs and entering sufjan's contest and winning the rights to his christmas song and pressing a 7".
Any excuse.

Here's the track list:

Talking Heads - "Stay Hungry"
(recorded 4/18/1978 at Lower Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley)
Mark Gardener (from the band Ride) - "Vapour Trail"
(recorded 3/28/2003 at KALX Studios)
Dengue Fever - "Shave Your Beard"
(recorded 10/06/2005 at KALX Studios)
Supersystem - "Defcon"
(recorded 5/12/2005 at KALX Studios)

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