Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Shins • Sealegs

This is ridiculous! I don't think I have even listened to the Shins new one enough to have an opinion, I liked Oh Inverted World a lot, the next one I liked too, but just haven't given this one as much of a chance yet. If I put one on it's still the first.
But this is amazing, the single is signed by the entire band...all 500 copies, some of them come with setlists? Plus a magnetic fields cover on the b-side? This is seriously amazing.
Transgressive records is selling this piece of gold for 5 pounds including shipping. This will be gone before you finish reading this.
Go now...transgressive has tons of other good stuff too, they love the seven inch.

‘Sealegs’ is a new version – different to the one found on the ‘Wincing the Night Away’ album – and is available via ridiculously limited edition 7” and download only. Every copy of the 7” (which is 500 only) comes fully SIGNED by the band and with an exclusive b-side; a live cover version of the Magnetic Fields’ ‘Strange Powers’... some of them even have plectrums and setlists from the band’s recent UK tour bunged in at random.

What the hell is a plectrum ....and bunged in? Seriously sometimes british slang is amazing. Joe Strummer said some things in The Future is Unwritten that I think I could figure out, but I really have no clue.

The Shins' latest masterwork, swooping guitars and screeching drums play herald to their most touching song yet. Classic. Pre-Order your limited edition (of 500) signed copy immediately, or regret it forever more...


  1. This looks way awesome. Sea Legs is def. my least favourite song on that album, but a new recording is intriguing. That said, I am just a sucker for free shit thrown in randomly.

  2. Plectrum = Guitar Pick.

    thats us english for you. :]

  3. Well I hope I get bunged in a plectrum then.