Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Seven Inch Project

Whoa, the seven inch project came out of nowhere, and kicked everything off impressively with 3 7" releases from some new and one old artists.
Just briefly checking out their myspaces, Agent ribbons is two girls sounding a bit like Jenny Watson with ukele's, and pianos. Singing about country fairs and nostalgia with a bit of fairy tale/carny kind of neutral milk hotel-ish lyrics thrown in. Really nice, a little folk, and poppy. That's on avacado green vinyl.
The second one by June Madrona has a similar folksy storytale feel in the vein of bowerbirds, some nice harmonies by a guy and a girl, their names escape me, but the seven inch project seems to be carving out a folk niche, different from the psyche neo folk thing that's been going around. I just love that you can download the tracks and they are going all out with the packaging.
The only thing stopping me from ordering all three is the slightly hefty price of 8.25 each, I guess that's what you get for quality, I can't say that I can blame them. Don't go bankrupt for god's sake. Let's just hope that includes shipping.
The third release is from Half Handed Cloud, I have to say I am always impressed by his one man 4 track band, the arrangements, the instrumentation. I wouldn't know where to begin. I have some trouble with the overtly religious subject matter, but I try not to let it affect the listening.
I mean I can see how performing Richard Wagner in Israel might set people off, and I can understand the arguement for not separating the artist from their politics, I guess it's an individual thing.

the SEVEN INCH PROJECT is a vinyl record label, based out of Long Beach, CA, that releases 7-inch (45rpm) records. Each record is a Volume in the Seven Inch Project series and each Volume is by a different artist.
Each record release is unique in its own right (heavy 70g coloured vinyl, gate-fold jackets, artist designed artwork).
Very Limited Edition pressings (500 copies).
All hand numbered and with every release comes a pass-code to digitally download the record from our website. In essence you can buy the 7-inch and still put it on your iPod! Fancy!

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