Friday, November 23, 2007

prinzhorn dance school - you are the space invader

My jury is still out on these guys....I think there are interesting things going on here in the vein of young marble giants...really minimal. It's almost an exercise in 'what's the least we can get away with.' I have to say it's a weird choice for DFA, but then they just released that pylon album which is completely related.
It's almost spoken word...I remember in the early 90's KRS, and other places actually had spoken word artists on the label. I found one the other day from this guy, I can't even remember his name, but it was just these stories with sound effects and maybe some kind of hip hop behind him. That's an area that never went anywhere. But I wonder if he toured around and opened for bands? That must have been hell.
I also remember around that time being into a lot of beats stuff, there was a jack kerouac box set and burroughs did something with kurt cobain. Then I found Ginsberg cd's...crazy. Maybe it was just something I was going through.

PDS, it isn't fun, it's not going to be something to impress your friends with or hear it the first time and fall in love...or maybe it is. There was something really ballsy and alien about it. I don't know if they could sustain it, or hold my attention for albums and albums. But it is catchy in it's own way, and funny.

I know they are related to the fall also, a band I have to revisit.

Happy after turkey day.

Was on
phonica also.

I think
modlang still has it according to their mailout. This is the best place ever.

* PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL- you are the space invader- limited edition 2-track vinyl single with non album track on dfa 7" $6.98

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