Thursday, November 8, 2007

You say Party! We say Die!

The two singles I have from these guys are amazing, 'The Gap' has to be one of the best songs. They have the energy, the rawness of the YYY's, with Becky Ninkovic vocally going from a quiet distorted whisper to a scream. Really great. I still need to pickup their full length from CD baby, but I really wish they were allowed in the US.

Maybe 'The Gap' is too controversial, maybe this song is getting more appropriate everyday. Yea right, like they would even pay attention to the lyrics, it's too catchy, to fun. I guess that's the danger with some music. Or, I guess that's why I'm torn when bands include their politics.
I saw that Clash documentary 'The Future is Unwritten', and Joe Strummer was so angry that American troops were writing 'Rock the Casbah' on bombs in Iraq. I mean maybe that wasn't the thinking in the late 70's. They weren't cynical bastards, but I am and generally people will do stupid shit like that. You get co-opted however people want, and you either give up control and let this shit go, or go crazy trying to control your image. It's impossible. I know it was about maybe changing the world, but now we know better. The scene will swallow you. The footage of him playing some stadium were just sad. There he was at the top of everything, that should have been the greatest moment, but it was easily the eventual end.
That's why assholes will be singing along to 'Rape Me' while they assault someone.

Music can change the world but in more subtle ways. I have a lot of respect for bands that maybe have done things to stay underground. Fugazi could have easily taken it to the next level, and lost control. You have to realize you don't want everyone to like it. Period. That is the opposite from selling units, from a business perspective, and it's not elitist, it's the only way to live with yourself.

We can't see YSP!WSD! because they aren't going to make enough money? That's why they were denied entry to the US? What the fuck. They are going to spend money here at crappy motels, and eating at shitty fast food restaurants like everyone else.
Oh fuck it.
At least sign this petition. I know there are more important things to be pissed about, but you can start somewhere.

This is import only from Fierce Panda and Norman. Lucky Bastards, but we deserve it.

...the new single from Canadian kooksters YOU SAY PARTY! WE SAY DIE! 'Like I Give A Care' / 'Opportunity' is the terrific double AA-side release, 7" / download are again the formats, NING 205 is the catalogue number and also if you go on our myspace page you'll get to hear a special remix of 'Like I Give A Care' too.the boy / girl quintet have just ended their UK tour with Los Campesinos! and are now heading off to the big old Continent for a month. Top marks to the gentleman who carried singer Becky on his shoulders through a rousing live rendition of 'Like I Give A Care' at Norwich Arts Centre last Friday.

Watch this space tomorrow for a Manchester Orchestra / Annuals 7" contest giveaway...Exciting.

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