Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Manchester Orchestra / Annuals Split Tour 7"

I have never heard of Manchester Orchestra, but these two bands are on tour and are selling this limited split 7" where the bands cover each other. I only found out about it thanks to and it really isn't available anywhere else except at their merch tables yet. Maybe it will turn up on one of their websites or insound eventually. I still like that Annuals album a lot still and missed them too many times live this last summer.

Still waiting for the Arcade fire/LCD soundsystem split to become available on their site.
And it is!
But god dammit if there isn't insane shipping charges. $13 for a $5 7". Oh well. That's insane. It's nice to be able to order directly from them, but maybe ebay actually would be better.

I think it's cool both of these bands are doing this, it's a great idea for a tour only 7".

Manchester Orchestra/Annuals limited split 7" Canvasback is celebrating the Manchester/Annuals roadshow with an extremely limited double a-side 7" sold exclusively at every stop of the tour. Both bands cover each other's music and cover art for this special vinyl piece.

A. Annuals - "Where Have You Been"
AA. Manchester Orchestra - "Brother"


  1. Hey,
    I posted about the LCD/ARCADE split on my singles blog:

    The short answer: get it from DFA records, as shipping is only 3 bucks.

  2. Paul,
    Great site! Thanks for bringing that to my attention...I almost was going to get a bunch of people together and place an order at the AF site.
    I had a bad experience with DFA recently and ordering...insound fills their orders, and a couple prinhorn dance school 7"'s took forever and then they didn't even have them, or could tell me when they'd be getting more in.

  3. Yeah, I've also had that problem with the DFA store, but I figured it might be worth it if it panned out.

    Hey, you aren't the same Jason that used to do One Louder are you?

  4. I'm not the same Jason, but I have to check this site out. Do you normally get all your 7"'s straight from labels? Or is there a good record store near you?

  5. I do both - mostly mailorder and ebay, though there are some decent records stores in Calgary that have good shit from time to time.